SMMK: Spolok Medikov Mesta Košice

Association of Medical Student´s in Košice

Association of Medical Students in Kosice - Spolok medikov mesta Košice (SMMK)

SMMK is a non-profit organization of medical students in Kosice. SMMK is a member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association) and EMSA (European Student Medical Association) and national organization in Slovakia - SloMSA.


What do we do?

SMMK composes of several clubs each of which has its own activitites. 
  • Club of Social Activities: Social activities club is the right club for everyone who like parties, sport activities and all ocassions to have fun with friends and other students. We organise open semester party and all other parties during scholl year. Our biggest project every year is matriculation ball for new and all other students. Our club is also cooperating with other clubs to prepare competitions and health quizes during parties. Join us and have fun!


  • Club of International Activities: We organize professional and research exchanges for our outgoing students; we also receive students from all over the world. For incoming students, we prepare a lot of fun social programme, such as sightseeing, pub crawl, hiking, and paintball, water skiing in summer or ice skating or skiing in winter. An unforgettable four day trip Get-to-know-Slovakia is held during the summer months and it connects students on an exchange from all Slovak cities, that are available in exchange programme. Joining us means an excellent opportunity in improving foreign languages, having fun being a contact person for incoming students and finding friends from different corners of the world.

  • Club of Propagation and Internet: The most important club on the field of information. While cooperating with other clubs, we give fresh information about events, studies and happenings on faculty of medicine. All this and even more through the website -, e-mail, promotional materials etc.

  • Club of Education in Medicine: "Experience without education is more than education without experience." (Quintus Ennius) because ... experiences and will makes man perfect! We are a group of people who will welcome you under our wings. We are concerned with more than just memorization. We organize projects such as: School of Surgeons (sewing courses, aro workshop, workshop minimally invasive surgery), Tea evenings - meetings and interwievs with special guests,"Death, part of life"  workshops and others. Be active and dont let your potential fit dust! 

  • Children´s Health Club: Club dedicated to children - organizing carnivals for children in the hospital, everyday activities for children in hospital, The Daffodils´ Day, and much more.

  • Club of Public Health: Public helath is a club dedicated to education of general public. Issues we focus on are AIDS day, General Health Days, First Gynecological Consultation, Teddy Bear hospital or Young at heart project (visits in retirements homes). Most of our projects are focused on peer-to-peer method by which we want to encourage young people to talk about topics otherwise difficult to expose. 



LF UPJŠ, Spolok medikov mesta Košice (SMMK)

Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice, Slovakia