11/06/2014 22:38
Last days to fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE! Please, do not forget!
10/06/2014 17:40
Dear all, please, do not hestitate to add us on FB to get the latest news! and! ADD NOW and FIND OUT THE LATEST NEWS!
08/06/2014 10:20
Dear all, you can now download and fill in the registration questionnaire also here: . Do not forget to fill it in till 15.6.! It is a NECESSARY part of your registration that will help us organize your arrivals and departures! Thank you for understanding!
02/06/2014 12:35
LIST of ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS can be now found in "Home" section of our webpage!
01/06/2014 21:47
Passive registration is now closed. Thank you very much for you support and see you soon in Košice!
31/05/2014 11:58
In case you want accomodation on the day before we have arranged a special price for our participants which will be 10 euros per night. YOU WILL PAY EXTRA NIGHTS AT THE REGISTRATION DESK. That means, you do NOT pay it with your online payment!  
31/05/2014 11:56
  Please note that: You will be sent a registration form by email  where you will be able to register and choose your roomates (at the beginning of JUNE).
28/05/2014 11:41
You can now find preliminary workshop list in "workshop" description on our webpage! Feeling proud! 
23/05/2014 17:13
Dear all! In "Program" section you can now find our preliminary program! Don´t worry - all the workshops will be specified soon. Once we close our passive registration (30.5.) you will all get the questionnaires where you will decide on acoomodation and workshop details. 
21/05/2014 10:35
We have added some new information about payment - please check Apply - Registration fee for that. The deadline for ONLINE PAYMENTS is 15.6.2014. Please, note we are NOT VAT taxpayers. 
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