Fee includes:

- accomodation for 3 nights from 25-27.6. (specifically, 25.-26. and 26.-27. and 27.-28.)

- in case you want accomodation on the day before we have arranged a special price for our participants which will be 10 euros per night. YOU WILL PAY EXTRA NIGHTS AT THE REGISTRATION DESK.

You will be sent a registration form by email  where you will be able to register and choose your roomates (at the beginning of JUNE).

Attention!!! Residence report for   download  !

Students´ Hostel and Canteen, Medická 4, 040 11, Košice

This is the main hostel for students of the Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, just five minutes by foot from the congress centre (Faculty of Medicine). There will be the possibility to choose from 2 or 3 - bed rooms as well as to name a person you know who you would like to share a room with. Bathroom facilities (toilet and shower) are shared by 5 people (2-bed room and 3-bed room). Everyone will have on your room one glass, one towel, one face-towel, soap, toilet paper, internet (no wifi!!!), but you need own cable. A small kitchen (cooker, oven, and microwave) with a washing machine is situated on every floor.