Check out our brand new preliminary WORKSHOP LIST 2014! 

  1. Communication skills: Communication between patient and doctor
  2. Practical gynecology worskhop 
  3. Cardiology workshop: presentation of modern approaches in cardiology center
  4. Pediatric surgery: diagnostics and clinical cases
  5. Spirometry workshop

Communication skills: Communication between patient and doctor (MUDr. Barbara Siskovičová)

25.6. 2014, 14:00, room „J“ at SNP 1, amount of participants: 20

An informative and correctly conducted conversation is crucial not only to the building of trust between a doctor and a patient but it is also necessary for the enforcement of the patient’s treatment. An interactive training full of new and interesting information, tips and tricks on how to lead an efficient medical communication with a patient on a verbal and nonverbal level is ready for you. Problematic issues, such as what a doctor should and shouldn't do during the conversation, will also be discussed. If you are interested, don´t hesitate and come to improve your communication skills.

You never know when you will need them in the future!


Spirometry workshop (MUDr. Marek Varga)

27.6. 2014, 12:00, room P1 at SNP 1, amount of participants: 15

Spirometry is a medical test that measures the volume of air an individual inhales or exhales as a function of time flow. During last years, lung function tests have become a golden standard not only for physiological studies but mostly as an important clinical tool. During workshop participants became familiar with interpretation of good, but also wrong prepared manoeuvres “flow/volume” curve. Also indication for spirometry will be present.  Attendants of Spirometry workshop will have possibility for measurement on different kind of spirometers and be able to do it by themself.

Learn the proper spirometry techniques and enjoy clinical medicine!


Pediatric surgery: diagnostics and clinical case (Prof. Hüseyin Özbey, MD)

27.6. 2014, 12:00, room P2 at SNP 1, amount of paticipants: 20

Pediatric surgery is an interesting speciality and this year you will have an opporunity to discuss its topics with a special guest from Turkey, professor Özbey.

The workshop will be in the way of interactive presentation, clinical cases, related X-rays and imaging methods and other. The cases will be among the most common cases of the pediatric surgery field (such as strangulated inguinal hernia, torticollis, duodenal atresia, pyloric stenosis, etc). 

Come and find out about interesting clinical cases!


Practical gynecology workshop (doc. MUDr. Peter Urdzik, PhD, MPH)

25.6. 2014, 13:00, gynecological clinics 17th floor, SNP1 1, amount of participants: 15

Interactive workshop form gynecological field will teach you the basics of clinical gynecology - spontaneous delivery will be trained on the special stimulator. Short program will include:

1. Spontaneous vaginal delivery - oral presentation Rastislav Dudič, MD  (10 min)

2. Training on PROMPT simulator (50 min)

3. Vaginal instrumental delivery - oral presentation Viera Fialkovičova, MD (10 min)

4. Training on SIMone (P80) simulator (50 min)

Gynecology training made easy!


Cardiology Workshop: Presentations of Modern Approaches in heart diseases (MUDr. Stanislav Juhás, CSc., MUDr. Adrián Kolesár, PhD., MUDr. Martin Ledecký, MUDr. Ľubomír Špak, MUDr. Ján Sedlák)

27.6.2014, 09:00, VÚSCH, Ondavská 8, Congress Hall - 3rd floor, amount of participants: 60

VÚSCH – “Eastern Slovak Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases” is a highly specialized institute for cardiologic diseases. Being one of kind in East Slovakia, institute treats cardiologic diseases and together with Medical Faculty of University of Košice teaches young students important techniques in treating heart diseases. The aim of this workshop is to approach the new techniques available in the common use of cardiologist.  This workshop will consist of presentations of different department and used techniques. Further, you can find list of topics: 

1. Resynchronization therapy: New area in cardiac pacing (15-20min.): MUDr. Ján Sedlák

2. Interventional angiology (15-20min.): MUDr. Ľubomír Špak 

3. Treatment of coronary heart desease in our clinic (15-20min.): MUDr. Stanislav Juhás, CSc.

4. Other interesting surgical procedures (15min.+15min.): MUDr. Adrián Kolesár PhD. and MUDr. Martin Ledecký

Learn cardiology from the best!


    Workshops - as well as trainings - are always the part everybody is interested in most. Obviously, after long years behind the books, young doctors are always keen on starting doing something practical! 

    We are interested in all of yours opinions on what kind of sessions would you be interested at! Do not hesistate to write us to